Cover designs by Jan Toorop


Jan Toorop (1858-1928) was one of the most versatile and influential Dutch artists during the fin de siècle. Toorop was member of Les XX in Brussels and introduced Symbolism and Art Nouveau in the Netherlands. He especially gained recognition as a painter and draftsman but was also active as designer of bookbindings and graphics. The most sought after by book collectors are his symbolist bindings for the novels of Louis Couperus. The emphasis in these early designs lies on the curvilinear lines. The letters of the titles are sometimes difficult to read.

Bookbinding for ‘Een boek van verbeelding’ by Louise Ahn-de Jongh, design: Jan Toorop (1893)
Bookbinding for ‘Metamorfoze’ by Louis Couperus, design: Jan Toorop (1897)
Cover for ‘Psyche’ by Louis Couperus’, design: Jan Toorop (1898)
Cover for ‘Egidius en de vreemdeling’ by W.G. van Nouhuys, design: Jan Toorop (1899)
Bookbinding for ‘Een Droom’ by Henri Borel, design: Jan Toorop (1899)
Bookbinding for ‘Babel’ by Louis Couperus, design: Jan Toorop (1901)
Bookbinding for ‘Gabriëlle’ by Marie Metz-Koning, design: Jan Toorop (1902)
Bookbinding for ‘God en goden’ by Louis Couperus, design: Jan Toorop (1903)
Bookbinding for ‘Vondel’s bekering’ by Gerard Brom, design: Jan Toorop (1907)
Cover for ‘Het Roomsche kerkgebouw’ by M.C. Nieuwbarn, design: Jan Toorop (1908)
Cover for ‘Avondrood’ by Felix Rutten, design: Jan Toorop (1913)
Book cover for ‘Pandorra’ by Arthur van Schendel, design: Jan Toorop (1919)

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